FR: canistel
    - janne d'œuf

 DE: Canistel

 EN: canistel
    - yellow sapote
    - egg fruit
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 DA: canistel

 NL: canistel

 ES: canistel
    - fruta huevo
    - sapote amarillo
    - zapote borracho

 SE: äggfrukt
    - canistel

 LA: Pouteria campechiana


EN EN: The canistel or egg fruit is a very sweet fruit. It is somewhat the size of an egg and it has a shell with the colour of an egg yolk. It comes from Central America. It has a very rich flavour, and a consistency like boiled egg-yolk. It was an important part of the diet in ancient Peru. Canistel fruit can be eaten fresh, with salt and lemon juice, with mayonnaise or into custard or ice cream.

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